Hello, I'm currently using BES with Blackberry handhelds, and am being told
that some comm issues I'm experiencing are related to POA's at remote WAN
sites that are between 100-150ms response time, and some mailboxes that are
several GB's in size, are a likely cause.

I was wondering first off if GMS has the same restrictions? Will it
effectively keep mailboxes no matter where they are physically located
(within the same GW system though) in sync, and regardless of the mailbox

Note when I refer to mailbox size, they're talking about the entire mailbox
as shown in a contents check, not just the number of items in the inbox
which we're keeping to below 4000 as a rule.

Secondly does or will GMS support Blackberry handhelds?

Finally what has been the overall GMS experience thus far? Is it having a
lot of problems or is it clean?