on their

1 seems updated and the other "brand new".
The 1st one is the usual one that's been working with GMS and the FW
updated Nokia's E60/70,etc,,,.

2nd one is as stated ver8. It to works with GMS, but it IS quite a
different client than the previous/normal one.
One big difference is that previous versions had all emails and SMS's
coming to the "inbox". Now,, the inbox is SMS only and the Intellisync
client seems to be a more standalone app.
Besides Intellisync having it's own inbox, which for me actually so
far feels "backwards", it also supports the groupwise account's
different folders as folders.
Previously, If I choose folders x,y,z,etc,,, all these came to the
inbox. Now with ver8 client, I got the same folder structur in the
mobile, it's a complete 1-to-1 synk which off course can be of benefit
( If I get use to it )

Besides that,, it does look very different,, looks more like a proper
mail-app. And,, the big thing;

I can now both receive, send and answer emails !!!!!
That didn't work with previous versions.

Will do a test of the other, the normal client, and see if that update
have some issues fixed. ( like the possibility to send mails..)