We are having some issues with our test phone getting it to connect.

If I try and download the mobile client on the PC that the smartphone is
connected to, the PC's processor pegs at 100% and stops responding. I've
left it for 30 minutes and nothing happens.

If I send either an e-mail or a Text message to the handheld, nothing ever

I can connect if I configure the mobile settings on the smartphone
directly. I did that and sure enough the proper e-mail and contacts came
in but then stopped after 19 mesages. Subsequent synch'ing has not helped.

Could this error message be the culprit from this user's log:
3/7/2007 8:57:57 AM bob Error occured: Download List: Systems
Management service is not running on the server.

This seems like quite the smoking gun. When I look at the services, sure
enough I don't see a Systems Management service to even start (much less
re-start). So It appears that it didn't load.

The server is running on Windows 2000 Professional Workstation because I
swear the instructs said you didn't need the full blown Windows server to
run it. So I figured it was included in the mobile server software. But
then where do I find this service so I can install it?

Is this even teh right tree to be barking up for the above symptoms?

Thanks in advance for all your rockin' help!!!!

-Josh Rosenbaum
IS Manager
Fletcher Farr Ayotte, Inc.
IS Manager