I've had a variety of experiences updating Palm and Windows OS devices
for Groupwise Mobile and the new DST rules. I currently have two Palm OS
devices and one Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC device that I cannot get the
times to shift during the new DST dates. I have installed the respective
Palm and Windows DST patches and installed the new GWMobile (Intellisync)
client. I've re-synced, I've told the device to overwrite with the server
data, I've taken the battery out and soft-reset the devices. I've done
everything I can think of except a hard reset.

The workstations and servers have been updated with the Microsoft patch,
and the GroupWise backend has been updated to GW7 IR and GWMobile patch.
The times show correctly on the GroupWise workstation but just not on the
mobile device.

Is anyone else having this problem? Can anyone suggest anything else to
try other than the hard reset and re-install?

Thank you for your time!