I'm planning an upgrade to GW7 and possibly GMS. I have a couple of
items that I haven't found answer to yet.

1. Can GMS run on 2000 Pro or XP Pro, or does it require a server
version? If it does require a Windows server, does that mean I need
to buy CALs for everyone who will use GMS?
2. Currently we sync PDAs to GroupWise 6.5 using PDAConnect. I like
how PDAConnect uses the GW Contacts folder - syncing Contact
Categories to PDA Categories. Does GMS do the same or does it sync GW
Address Books to PDA Categories? If I'm back to multiple address
books with GMS, why does GW have a Contacts folder? In GW6.5, I can
only view one address book in the Contacts folder...has this changed
in GW7?

Ken Etter

Novell....it does a server good!