After the GMS upgrade from 1.x to 2, I have been seeing the following
errors on the poa.

error with gwevent notification 8925

and to a lesser extent

error with gwevent notification 8908

I can trigger the 8925 on the POA by deleting email from my groupwise
desktop client, etc. On GMS, port 8191 is in listening mode. I also see
the connections to the poa's on port 7191. I also did the step of adding
the port 8191 entry into the GMS http://localhost/diag utility and still
see the errors.

In the GMS email accelerator properties, port 7191 is set. Access is set
to "same account used to access email accelerator; must be using GroupWise
authentication" and "store user credentials on server" is checked. (no
trusted application is set)

Treo's seem to be synchronizing ok with push and timed sync at this time.

POA is 7.00.01 12/14/2006
GMS is version 2

I've disabled the firewall on GMS (MS server 2003), rebooted, still have
the errors. GMS and POA are on the same network.

Any thoughts on what else to check for fix the error? Thanks in advance
for any info.