My first impression about GMS2 is that this new version is at least ten
times slower than GMS1. Im not sure is it because of different webserver,
but it looks like it (all web pages open very slowly).

I have used GMS2 now about 1 hour and at that time I have seen multiple
"page can not be displayed" etc. errors. All errors went away when page was
refreshed few times, but still Im not very impressed. Server was rebooted
after install, so that can not be the cause of this.

It might be because of resources --> our GMS runs on Windows 2003 which runs
on VmWare-machine with pretty nifty resources (it has only 512MB memory
allocated to it). Anyway, GMS1 was happy with this platform, so I thought
that GMS2 would also work on it without any problems.

Any ideas what could be done besides allocating more resources to server?

Syncing itself seems to be working as designed and it seems that now people
with Symbian clients can also send new emails insteadt of always having to
use "reply". ;-)

PS. Please remove any extras if replying via email.