I am having a bit of trouble importing a SSL .cer file from my CA for
our GMS2 implementation. I have followed the Secure Gateway
instructions and everything runs fine until I get to the import step.
I receive the following error "keytool error: java.lang.Esception:
Failed to establish chanin from reply"

If I to a keytool -printcert -file my.cer I get what looks like good
issuer, cn, and valid date information. Also, when I look at the
properties for my cert file in windows all seems OK (Trusted by
Windows). Does the issuing CA root UTN need to be imported to the java
implementation of Secure Gateway?

Environment -
GW 7.0.1 agents SOAP enabled (netware 6.5 SP5)
Secure Gateway ver GMS2 (located in DMZ on win 2003 enterpise SP1)
Internal server GMS2 (win 2003 enterprise SP1)

All aspects function well without SSL so far, but obviously external
web UI is unprotected...

Thanks for any tips,