When running GWTrustedApp from my GWM server to get my registration key I received AUTHENTICATION_FAILED. I am logged into the GroupWise server and can access the domain. I ran GWTrustedApp from my workstation and it gave me a registration key. I went back to my GWM server to the GWM Admin console. I went to profile settings/email accelerator/default/properties. I turned on Access GroupWise using Trusted Application: and entered the key from above. I then received the following error:

GroupWise Trusted Application registration from this machine has been disabled due to missing dependencies. To enable GroupWise Trusted Application registration from this machine, please install the Novell NetWare Net Library and all dependencies.

Alternatively, the GWTrustedApp tool and GWTapp.dll located in the PIM directory can be used on the GroupWise Server to register the trusted application.

GroupWise is running on NetWare 5.1.