Is the Sync client really crippled on Series 80?

I am only able to select mobile data connections (GPRS,...) in the
Syncclient connection settings.

I have defined several other connection methods (which all work fine for
e.g. the integrated webbrowser) which are simply not listed.

I have (I) connections (IP-passthru) and (W) connections (WLAN) and (G)
connections (GPRS data).
On a series 80 phone i can only select the (G) connections in the
Intellisync client. Is this normal?

I just don't get it. I setup a IP-Passthru connection via USB-cable. Start
the integrated browser, surf the web (or the intranet or the GMS website)
without problems, but when i open Intellisync i get an -34 error. Why do the
allow only expensive OTA connections for series 80?


PS: BTW, on a Sony M600i i can select a Bluetooth connection type (and
therefore avoid massive costs if i am in the office). Smartphones also have
absolutely no problem to use the USB-cable for a TCP-IP sync. A Nokia E61
can also use the USB-Cable and the Nokia Network Bridge to sync over