GW 7.01 backend upgraded GMS1 to GMS2

Nokia E70 with new symbian client.

Problem 1
"Genweb" user email page no longer working, we just get "Application
Error" a reinstall does not solve this, the other admin webpages work

Problem 2
we are seeing 'Stripping corrupted attachment' errors in the admin
console, each time it trys to sync and finds an email it does not like
we get this message on the console and a copy of the message is left in
the groupwise users mailbox

Problem 3
The phone client asks for the groupwise password all the d*** time.

Problem 4
Syncing seems to be fairly random as to if it will sync at all, if it
will actually sync what is in each mailbox (phone or groupwise) to each

Problem 5
My CEO is now being smug about my perservenace with GMS and how he
never has any problems with his blackberry, I need to shut him up!