Hi All,

I implemented GroupWise Mobile Server 2.0 for a client a couple of weeks
ago. When they initialize a new user all mail, appointments and contacts
come through fine. However, new mail items do not get forwarded.

If you look at the attached screenshot (sorry, the only access I have is by
VNC) you will see that the inbox (Boite de Reception) has received 0 new
items in a 24 hour period. This is not the case, there have been multiple
items received during this time.

As it stands now, the GMS server is in the DMZ, with a SOAP connection back
to the GroupWise POA. Authentication is done via GroupWise userID and
Password (I'd like to change that to Trusted App at some point but there
doesn't seem to be a trusted app generator with GMS 2.0).

Can anyone make any suggestions as to what I ought to be checking?