Due to an impending hardware failure, we relocated our post office to
another server. Everything with GroupWise is working perfectly after the

The issue is that the GMS users are not seeing anything new on their

I show SOAP connections from the GMS server to the POA, it authenticates the
users correctly, but new items are not being downloaded from the server.

We were not using a DNS alias for the post office, rather the GMS server was
pointed directly to the server by name.

When we moved the GroupWise POA & MTA, we just changed the users' accounts
on the GMS server to use the new server.

Is there anything we can do to jumpstart this, or do I have to delete and
re-add the accounts in GMS? I'm really not looking forward to that as it
does impact some device users who may have to redo some of their voice
dialing entries if they are forced to re-sync with GroupWise completely.

If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.