I am trying to deploy GroupWise Mobile Server and am at the point where I'm
trying to manage the device. I've tested remote kill and it works
(although a bit slower then what I see with our BES.) One of the issues
I'm running into is requiring a password on power up/idle time out. I do
have it enabled and set to enforced, but the device is not requiring it.

I have completed a sync (without issue) and am still not getting this
setting pushed down.

One thing I've noticed in the Nokia documentation that Novell references is
that it says we need "Device Management" - Does this mean we actually need
to buy the Nokia Intellisync version for this functionality? The lack of
actual Novell Documentation is certainly causing headaches for me, and from
what I can see it is for others in the forum too.

As a side note, is there documentation I am missing that talks about
setting this up as a trusted app? I've seen a few postings about people
running into questions, but nothing posting to documentation for the process.

Thanks in advance,