I installed this app this week and it works very nice with the Palm I am
using. Several Problems that I was wondering if there was a way to resolve.

1. I have been watching SyncServer.exe and it keeps climbing in memory
usage. Within 20 minutes it's using 200MB of memory. Is there a way to
tune this app. I only have about 5 mobile users and can't believe the
way this app is using resources. Also the Processor is spiking to 100%
quote a bit.

2. I have a server accross the WAN. It seems to be hammering the WAN
link. Is this normal. Should I put a server at each site?

3. MS SQL Server. The instructions say you can use this server but the
install didn't offer a way to choosing this. I have MSDE on this server
and wonder if it would be more efficient with MSDE than with
SQLAnything. I really don't care which it uses, I just want the server
to run the best that it can. MySQL would also be a nice choice.

Thank for any suggestions,


John Jakus