Hey all. Just got this installed. I can see my contacts, calender,
tasks, and even sent mail but I don't ever see any mail in my inbox. I
was wondering what the problem may be. Here is a copy if my most recent

Pocket PC - 04/02/2007 01:01:47 PM - Synchronization started
Connection Info
Connection type: Dialup
Device name: Treo
Sync via: Sync (user initiated)
Bytes in/out: 2593/4899 (* actual over the air count may be higher)
Duration: 00:29
Email Accelerator
Inbox (no changes)
Outbox (none mailed)
Sent Items (no changes)
Drafts (no changes)
Calendar (no changes)
Tasks (no changes)
Contacts (no changes)
Notes (no changes)
Personalized Info (no changes)