One user with Palm 680P stopped communication with GWmobile. Could not
send or receive or sync. It would always time out. I uninstalled
Intellisync, went to their GWmobile account and deleted the phone. I added
the phone as a new device and installed the client again. I had made the
patch to GWmobile a couple of weeks ago for DST. The new GWmobile has an
updated client. The new client looks a little different. The icons on the
bottom of the inbox look a little different and when you select the
Intellisync icon there are a bunch of new icons to click on for
configuration and setup. Setting up a new phone is now a lot easier. The
680P now works fine. I posted this in case anyone else is having trouble
with a 680P and to let people know about the new client. Everyone else
with the old client seems to be fine.