We have been trailing Groupwise mobile server 2.0 in the office for a few
weeks now, first impressions are great! It is a lot more stable and
intuitive than the previous solutions for PDA's.
However I have ran into a few small problems with multiple devices (All
Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC's):

1. If you install the client onto the optional storage card (SD / MicroSD)
the main intellisync button on the today screen does not work it will just
come up with an error (Unable to start the sync client), all the other
icons / shortcuts work. A workaround seems to be to install the client on
the main memory when I do this i am able to use the button with no issues,
this might not be an alternative to everyone as the client is
approximately 5MB in size.

2. If an email with an attachment is received I am unable to select it by
tapping the screen, I have to use the built in keyboard / buttons on the
device to highlight and open the attachment link in the email. This is
pretty hard to describe, but it defiantly seems like a bug, I have noticed
it on all the devices tested.

3. Uninstalling the Client program often fails to completely remove it, or
it will generate errors saying that programs are in use (Syncmail.exe), I
have been into the running process part of the device and closed all open
applications but I still am presented with the error.

Any thoughts?