SecureGateway on W2K3
GMS on W2K3
GroupWise 7.0.1 Backend


I can add users, send the SMS, have them download and install the sync
package and subsequently perform the initial sync with groupwise flawlessly
but it stops there.

After the users are added the and the first sync is performed they will
never see any new groupwise items. However, GMS policy changes and the like
sync without issue.

Deleting and readding the users results in another good intial sync but
again, subsequent syncs don't pick up groupwise changes. I can see the
successful auth on both sides (GMS and POA) each time I try to sync but
nothing happens.

Basically, the GMS seems blind to groupwise changes past the initial setup.

This is driving me crazy. I've tried each form of authentication and they
all work for the initial sync but the second sync never happens regardless
of the auth used.