I just upgraded my GroupWise mobile server from 1.0 (gwm701) with DST
update applied to version 2.0. The installation proceeded without any
errors, and server ws rebooted. When I try to login to the end-user web
site I get the following message "Mobile Gateway Server not responding" I
noticed that version 2.0 installs the secure gateway as part of the suite,
and sets up a localhost entry in the Secure Gateway tab in the admin
console. NOTE: this machine has three NICs. One public DNS, one WWW (for
mobile web site), and one for internal access to GroupWise 7.0.1 system and
other servers.

This appears to be an issue with the secure gateway piece but I have had no
success with diagnosing this issues, and need assistance rather quickly. I
don't want to just uninstall the software and reinstall. I would like to
know what the problem is. I currently have 3 other customer installations
which need to be upgraded.