I wonder if anyone can help.

I am running GroupWise 7 sp1 mail on Novell Netware 6.5 and have setup a
Windows 2003 server on the lan. I have not incorporated this 2003 into NDS
but have relied on the IP connection. I can Ping each server on the lan.
When loading Groupwise Mobile server I cannot seem to get the Mobile suite
analyzer to connect with my GroupWise server. I am using the IP address of
the server with port 7191 which is the suggested address and get the error

Unable to connect to GroupWise Server http://xx.xx.xx.xx:7191/soap;

I am puzzled what to do next.

I have succesfully set up another 2003 server to run the Blackberry
Enterprise Server for the Blackberry users in our office and I would like
to do the same for those who use other PDA

Thanks in advance
Bernard Mocatta