I re-installed GMS2 from scratch (new server). After installation
excisting users need to register through web page to give timezone etc.

My problem with this it that now when users allready have clients
installed. For some reason some devices (all symbian 60, 60 3rd or 80
series) does work, some not. The remain in 'Starting syncronization'
phase for 5-15minutes. you can see from WebAdmin console that device
could contact server, on activity page shows time, username and message
'Synchronization started' but nothing happens. Finally Device gets error

'11:37:05 No connection or bad connectivity (Error code: 8192.) Error
occured in pofilemanager while waiting for response from server.'

Removing and re-installin client on device does fix this but I wish that
I do not need to go that road. What is left behind to client settings,
some cached info from old server?

Strange is allso that after clean installation and when devices started
to auto create themselves to GMS server utilization started raise. Now
its allmost all the time at 100%. Un-functional clients using all the

Any comments or ideas would be helpfull.