I have a user in UK that we've set up the Mobile Server for. He's pretty
much our test user and if everything goes well, then the rest of the
guys in UK will go the route too (which is only about 4 other people).
Anyways, he is using an O2 (network provider in UK) branded Smart Phone,
the Mini S (http://www.directmobilephones.com/xda_mini_s_o2.htm). It is
a Pocket PC (PPC), running Microsoft Windows Mobile, OS 5.1.195.

From what I understand from him is that he's created address books in
GroupWise and put all his contacts in. He then went into the web portal
and set it up to sync those address books plus Unfiled's. He then starts
a sync from his phone and all the contacts gets sync'd over. That part
works fine.

However, if he creates a new contact on his phone and assign it to one
of those categories, or if he edits one of the contacts, and then force
a sync from his phone, none of the changes are sync'd over to GroupWise.
In fact, it gets overwritten with the GroupWise information and he loses
the changes.

Any ideas?