I'm working on GWMobile and trying to get it to authenticate a user on an
External GroupWise Domain. I've read the docs and all it says is that it
(logins) follow the post office. I have no problems setting up users with
Primary or Secondary domains, just External...

When I create an account using the Intellisync interface on the Mobile
server everything appears fine, but when I browse to the web interface and
try to login as the user, I get changed to the webpage to verify the Account
Settings and the GroupWise Server filed displays a :-1 instead of the
External server.

I've even added the external server as an authentication source and it still
does not work.
I verified that port 7191 is available on the External Domain via telnet and
checked the External Post office and verified that Soap is configured.

Does Mobile authenticate against an "External" GroupWise domain?

Does it work with Sp2?