I've recently inherited a GW 7.0.1 system with mobile users. They have
setup a server running Windows 2003 w/ BES w/ 3 users. In addition, they
have a Windows 2003 server running in a Virtual server on this same machine
that is then hosting the Intellisync GMS for 16 Treo/Palm users. Is there a
problem running these two programs on the SAME server minus any Virtual
server stuff? While both systems are running fine as-is, I just don't think
this is a good setup. Any ideas or opinions? In addition (I'll probably
start a war with this) which device should I go with...Blackberry 8703 or
Treo 650/700??

Bill Clark
"If a server crashes and no one is in the server room to hear it, does it
make a sound?"