Hello all, did anyone see the following:

Situation: GMS 2.0 SP1 is runnig at our Win2K3 Server, SP1. GroupWise 7.02
is running at our NetWare Servers.
Problem: Everything seams to update fine, but MAILS do have a delay of aprox
30 Minutes, no mather if we are syncing to a Mobile phone or using the
WebInterface - Always the Mails do have a Delay of aprox 30 Minutes after
they are seen the first time in the Users GroupWise Mailbox, until they are
received by the Mobile Server. ReLogin to the Server or initiating a sync in
between does not make any change. Neiter does a Refresh at the WebConsole of

Further more, we see, whenever a user authenticates to the Console the
following Error in the Log-File. We do not know, if this is normal or not?

D 13:55:31:609 7210ec GWT GWNotifica exception occured: HTTP transport
error: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out; nested exception is:

HTTP transport error:
java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out

com.novell.groupwise.ws.GroupWiseEventsPortType_St ub.getEventsRequest(GroupW

gwtranslator.GWEvents.processEvents(GWEvents.java: 417)

gwtranslator.GWEvents.removeEvents(GWEvents.java:3 06)

gwtranslator.GWNotificationConnection.processEvent (GWNotificationConnection.

gwtranslator.GWNotificationConnection.run(GWNotifi cationConnection.java:148)


Last but not least, a similar System, at another Customer, we can see the
same behavior.
Further more - both Systems have been updated from previous Version, if this
ever mathers.

Best Regards