We would like to install a mobile suite subsystem (groupwise mobile
suite2) to our PDAs.
Email source on a Novell Netware 6.5 sp2 and a groupwise POA
groupwise POA can use soap on port 7191 and GMS can get notification from
groupwise, because listening for it on port 8788.

ALL of synchronization succesfully on the first time.
and sync goes to wrong.

If I disconnect user from webpim and reconnect again the sync is run but
just once.
and goes to wrong again

In the log shows that is this a xml parsing problem in generated data
from groupwise server.
the log:

GWNotifica exception occured: Runtime exception; nested exception is:
deserialization error: XML parsing error:
com.sun.xml.rpc.sp.ParseException:1: Illegal XML character: 
com.sun.xml.rpc.client.StreamingSender._handleRunt imeExceptionInSend(StreamingSender.java:348)
com.sun.xml.rpc.client.StreamingSender._send(Strea mingSender.java:330)
com.novell.groupwise.ws.GroupWiseEventsPortType_St ub.getEventsRequest(GroupWiseEventsPortType_Stub.j ava:84)
gwtranslator.GWEvents.processEvents(GWEvents.java: 417)
gwtranslator.GWEvents.loadEvents(GWEvents.java:272 )
gwtranslator.GWNotificationConnection.processEvent (GWNotificationConnection.java:295)
gwtranslator.GWNotificationConnection.run(GWNotifi cationConnection.java:148)

why generate Illegal XML character: &#x1b ???
Has anybody problem like this?
Has anybody solve this?
We believed in a american style marketing **** again?