I have two users who have large address books (200-300 entries) that
won't consistently synchronize (unless I'm looking at them at the time).
One also says that entries have disappeared from the address book that
is in use (although apparently the disappearance is synchronized because
they are truly missing). Neither user is using Frequent Contacts as
their synchronized book (although neither am I, and mine is fine).

Also, both complain about the way Sent messages are not fully
reconciled. When a message is sent from a desktop client, only the
header appears in the Sent Folder on the Blackberry, so if it needs to
be forwarded, they have to hit More, and wait for the message to be
downloaded before it can be forwarded.

Prior to BES/Groupwise, they had Outlook with Desktop reconciliation and
they say that these problems are new. I never used Outlook with a
Blackberry (just got one to work with the BES/GW setup) so I don't know
if this is a Groupwise specific thing or not.