after having installed GMS 2.0.1, we get GWEventNotificationErrors 8925
each night during user upkeep in the POA log. The firewall log of our
GMS server shows blocked connection attempts originating from port 7192
of our GW 7.0.2 server (7192 is the SOAP port of the post office in
question) to ports 1790 - 1792 (first night) and ports 2911 - 2913 and
2925 - 2926 (following night). Port 8191 on our GMS is open and works
fine (many more GWEventNotificationErrors when blocked).

Though I'm curious, which ports our POA will try to connect to tonight,
I'd also like to know, what's going on... Any ideas?


PS: GMS not entered as 'Trusted App' in GW