Hi All;

We are using GMS 2.0.1 on a Server 2003 R2 server. Our certificate,
which had been installed under IIS with GMS1, ran out. So we went
through the procedure in the Secure Gateway Server administrators guide
to create a keystore, generate a cert request and import a cert. That
had it's own problems but we got through it. Now, I can verify the
certificate using keytool -list -v and all the information looks correct.

The keystore was then placed in the same directory with
securegateway.properties. We then used
http://localhost/sgadmin/admin.html to configure the SSL properties. We
stopped the Intellisync services and restarted them. Also tried
restarting the server. Now, when we try to go to the site using https,
we can not get in at all. With IE we get "Page cannot be displayed",
"Cannot find server or DNS error". Firefox says "The connection was
interrupted". The non-SSL site continues to work. Any thought on this
problem would be greatly appreciated.


Chas Baker
OIT LAN Support
University of Massachusetts - Amherst, MA