I want to test the other modules that come with the Intellisync Mobile
Suite (but are not activated in the Novell version). I have contacted Nokia
numerous times and have been in "transfer" hell ever since! Twice I've
contacted a sales representative that took my info down and said that a
sales person located in my area (Southern California) would contact me -
that was over a month ago! Another time, I was disconnected while, again,
giving a sales person my contact information...
I can't believe how difficult it is to contact a major company about
purchasing their products! Usually you have to beat them off with a stick!
So, does anyone have a Nokia contact I can use for Southern California?

Also, has anyone used the File Sync/management module of the Intellisync
Mobile Suite? If so, how do you like it? Does it do any kind of backup
and/or Disaster Recovery for the phones?