Hi all,

We want to synchronize the mobile phone numbers to our device (Dell Axim,
Nokia E61) so we created an admin defined field and added it to the
address book on the GW domain. So now we can fill the field in C1 under
the 'other' tab and the mobile phone number appears in de GW system
address book, so far so good. Then we selected a GW distribution list to
synchronize with our devices. This also works, only the mobile phone
number isn't synchronized although it appears in de GW system address book
the same as office and fax number. Now when we copy the users from the
system address book to a personal address book and tell de GMS to
synchronize that personal address book the mobile phone number is
synchronized. When you compare the user in the system address book with
the same user in the personal address book they are identical.
Does anyone know what could cause this?

Thanks in advance,