Hello all , I'm sure this may sound foolish or simple to many of you , but
please bare with a noob.

I've recently installed a GMS Server on a Win2k3 server system. I've
opened port 3102 outbound and inbound on our filters, I can access the
Intellisync webpage from internal and external. I can authenticate to the
GroupWise system.

What I can't do is setup a new Device. It seems the SMS text message to
install the software is not getting out of our network. I receive an Error
" GWMOBILE SMTP Error:'550 relay denied' " on the GWmobile admin console

I've been doing more research tonight, and I'm wondering if it's an issue
with the Win2k3 server not allowing relay out to the GWIA , or is it an
issue with the GWAI not allowing Relay.

If It's the Gwia , I'm not sure how to set up the exception if I'm
relaying from an internal server out to the net. ( Verizon is our
smartphone carrier )

Also , if we are not using the Secure Gateway , is it necessary to also
open ports 8865 through our Network Firewall ?

Thank anyone who can help in advance. It's much appreciated.