I initially installed Messenger with no SSL but using port 636 (didn't
have the SSL certificate information and forgot to change the port
back to
389) and using it's own user in eDir (gave rights according to the
Installation Guide but only to the container with the MessengerService

object). After installation had completed, I changed the switch back
port 389 (in the strtup.ma file) and started the agent. We used
for about an hour at which point we wanted to add users in a different

context that the agent's eDir account couldn't see. So, I changed
to include the entire tree, changed the LDAP policy's Base DN to the organization searching the whole subtree, and restarted the agent. We

have not been able to use it since. The agent keeps starting up with
validation failure: No LDAP default credentials and when [ENTER] is
pressed, it shuts down leaving the following at the console:

NMMA: Cleaning up...
NMMA: UIHandler thread shutdownby Messaging NMMA main

NMMA: Unloading...

The only other thing I did was add a policy under the PolicyContainer
exclude specific users.

What can I do to get Messenger working again?