I have a decently sized dell poweredge 4600 server (P4 1Ghz with 1Gb
memory) running NW6SP3, messenger and a couple of other things like
DHCP and
DNS. I have been running messenger for about two weeks now with no
but since I decided to populate the default contact list with all our
in relevant departmental folders, about 800 all together, the
agent crashes the server after about 10 minutes. I've watched remotemanager during this ten minutes and the memory free level drops
from 600Mb free to 0Mb and the processor util levels out at 100% at
point the server stops responding. Am I doing something wrong? Can I

configure virtual memory to cope with this demand? Is there any other
ensure that staff get a default contact list?

Matt Hudson,
Principle Network and Communications Officer,
Burnley Borough Council.
CNA 6/5/4, CNE 5/4.