NW 6 SP3
Direct Access to NDS
Server has full replica

Problem 1)

I sent a message to one of my contacts and she told me that the
name was showing up as someone else.

I have also received messeges that were sent to someone else.

Problem 2)

I added several folders and contacts to the GW Messenger default
when I add the users, some of them appear in the Display Settings as
First Name and Last Name. Others appear as their NDS User ID. And I
had a few that displayed as the eDirectory USER_Defaults template I
created when adding users to eDirectory. This was only in the display

name. If I manually change the display name, GW Messenger works just
for a while at least. After a while users cant login and so I shutdown

the agent, restart it and everything works. I usually have to restartthe messenger agent 2 or 3 times a day.

IBM eServer xSeries 305
XEON 3.6 GH dual Processor
2.5 GB Ram

Messenger is installed on my Vol1 located on my SAN