I recently signed up for a free security scan from Security Metrics. I set the scanner to my NetWare 6.0 SP3 box that runs my webserver, iprint, ifolder and GroupWise gwia, webaccess, mta and messenger. I have the ports that messengers uses open through the firewall to allow staff to use messenger from home as well as work. The scanner would start its work, and about half way through, the server would start abending on nmaa.nlm. I would need to restart the server for the messenger to work again. I tried running the scan without messenger loaded, and the server did not abend. Security Metrics is contacting me tomorrow to figure out if the problem is with their scanner, or if there is a bug in messenger. Just wanted people to know about this and see if anyone else experienced the same problem. As soon as I learn more, I will post.

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