Well, all WAS working fine. Now my LDAP is giving me errors and we can not add any contacts.
The error on the Novell Messenger screen is:
SPL Request (Get search Results) [0xAE03] : CN=LindaD, OU=Local, OU=Operations, O=ABC - DDC: Object referenced by DN does not exists
(This is with the force direct settings in Startup.ma )
If I comment those out, and use LDAP, I get this error on the Novell Messenger screen:
3C1 SPL Request (Get Status) [0xAD25]: CN=LindaD, OU=Local, OU=Operations, O=ABC - An LDAP operation was attempted on an invalid object
DSTrace on the LDAP server shows -
Cannot resolve NDS name 'O=DSI' in ResolveAndAuthNDSName, err = no such entry (-601)
Base "O=DSI" not found, err = no such entry (-601)
Sending operation result 32:"":"NDS error: no such entry (-601)" to connection 0x875c1340
The "interesting" item is the "O=DSI"....the correct O is "O=ABC", and I can not find where LDAP or the Messenger is picking up the "O=DSI"...note that "DSI" is the name of the LDAP server, not the organization, which is ABC.
Thanks for any help or thoughts...