I have Messsenger set up on a NW6.0 server using LDAP for connection to
eDirectory. Everything works fine without a problem, however...I keep
seeing this on the Messenger Agent screen:

SPL Request <Get Status> [0xAD25]: cn=blah,ou=bloo,o=aaah - An LDAP
operation was attempted on an invalid object

The user that is shown still logs in w/o a problem, never sees an error,
and everything works fine for them. I did a search on the Knowledge base
for 0xAD25 and all I get is this article: 10088577. Its the only one
listed and its not the same exact error I'm getting, as that one is for
starting up and the agent automatically shutting itself down.

Anybody have any ideas on this one? Maybe cosmetic issue? Thanx in advance.