Hello everyone:

After days and weeks or working just fine, I can no longer log in to GW
Messenger on one of my Macs. Upon launchign the client, I get an error
message saying "Server not responding". If I click on OK, I get to the
login screen. All the parameters are the way they should be (user ID,
password, IP address and port number 8300. I can log in as myself just
fine from any other MAc in the office as well as from my PC.
I also tried to log in as a different person. Same result.
I checked the Messenger server console screen. There is no indication of
me trying to connect when trying to log in from that particular Mac.
I deleted the application and searched for any preferences files. I
rebooted. I tried an older version. I went from JVM1.4.2 Developer
Preview 2 to DP1. No luck.
Any suggestions?