Dear Dirk,

It seems that you've responded to two similar postings regarding
problems with login. I wanted to add some more information in hopes
that it helps. I'm having similar problems. I have a Netware SB 5.1
w/sp6. I have GW 6.5.1 and Messenger running on it and everything
worked fine at first, then a few people couldn't login, then they could
.... now, a user who could login this morining, can't login again???

I do get a log entry saying that the user failed to login. The user
can log into Groupwise, he shows up in all the searches. The error
rougly reads:

08:25:01 1A5 SPL Login failed [0xAE03]: bparodi - DDC: Object referenced by DN does not exist

I tried to email you outside the forum but, I don't think it went through. If you get a duplicate email, I appologize.

Thank you,