Have had Im running since Beta days, zero problems til a month ago. Started getting errors when adding a contact. It is all users. When they try to do a search type add, and do a first name, or last name "starts with", and put in some or all of the name, they get a "You have entered an Invalid User ID". On the Messenger agent, I see "DDC-Object referenced by DN does not exist". If they do a search such as Title contains "teacher" the search works, and returns a list. If they do a username in the advanced, they get the error. Switch to basic, and select use this user id, and enter a user id, it adds the user to the contacts.

A couple weeks ago, I tried to switch to LDAP and port 389, I could not get NMAA to load, and stay loaded. After I deleted the LDAP config, it started working for a week or so. Last week it quit again on Thursday. The LDAP trick did not work, so Friday, I removed ALL messenger objects, and reinstalled, Installed SP2 when it released, and all was fine all weekend, til this am. Now same thing.

When I did the new install, I still could not keep NMAA loaded if I tried LDAP, reinstalled with direct and it ran fine..

Any thoughts would be more than welcome, I am stuck..