We have the contact lists locked and set up initially by a policy. Thus,
everyone gets the same contact list (which simply includes everyone here)
and they cannot change it. Initially we thought this was a good idea,
because when someone new came to work here, we could add their name to the
policy contact list and it would end up on everyone's list. Likewise, we
could delete someone from the list and it would delete off of everyone's

The problem is that it doesn't happen. I can change the Policy Contact
List just fine and everything looks okay.

In ConsoleOne, if I pick either the user itself, or the Groupwise object
for the user. It shows the modified Contact List (although I can't change
it from there since it's locked) just fine.

The problem comes in when I load up one of the client machines. The
contact list is still the old contact list and no updates have been made.
This happens even if I move to a new machine that has -never- had
Messenger installed and log on. The server sends the old list!
I'm fairly new to Novell in general, but any help would be appreciated.