Has anyone got this to work??

Got messenger working fine for our main tree. Tried to follow directions to add additional trees. Messenger and Archive agent will not start. Get error:

18:28:13 28E TCP 6:33 PM 7/8/2004 - LDAP server is not available
18:28:13 28E MTP Waiting for NMMA-MTP-Sender_0 to terminate...

Found TID10088577

which says that "The reason it fails is that messenger attempts to bind to each LDAP server on startup and tries to use the username and password specified on the LDAP profile for both LDAP servers. Since these are in separate trees, the user will not typically exist in the exact same context with the same name and password. If you do create the exact same user in the same DN for both servers the agent will start."

Can it work or will I need to use the same userID @ the root of all the trees in order for it to work?