Someone asked about seeing users in another tree. I have to wonder why the
IM service is looking at eDir, when if its "GroupWise instant messaging" it
should be looking at the Post Office or Primary Domain DB. It's just a
frustrating point because right now our system is spread across 5
hospitals, with 4 eDirectory Trees (soon to be one, but still getting
The reason I ask is if its looking at eDir, do the users "have" to have a
GroupWise account to be instant messaged? If not I do have a central eDir
that is going to act as a kind of local MetaDirectory for the purpose of
synchronizing up to a system wide MetaDirectory in the future. If they
don't "have" to have GroupWise, then we can just point the thing to look at
this local MD, or the system wide MD.
See Ya'
Howard Coles Jr, CDE, CNE, MCSE
Enterprise email Administrator
Saint Thomas Health Services