I have archived my emails on my C:/ when using Groupwise 5. This was in
2000 and 2001. I have since move to another section and office and a new
computer. The old mails are still available and I desperately need access
to them. When I accessed them on the old computer I could still read them
in the archive on that C:/. My network manager and his assistants managed
after 8 months to copy the emails and load it on my new computer on my C:/
in Groupwise 6.5, but now I can still not access them or read them. They
put it under a caching back-up and under another folder than the one
containing my current archive. I am really desperate and time has run out
for me to wait on the network guys to assist me in this. I need access to
these emails as some of them contain rather important information that is
not otherwise available. How do I access these old mails and the
attachements? Please help!!!!!!

I also need to know why some mails do not show up on my archive as they
are in another folder but if I try to switch the archive shows "empty"?
How can the limit to the size of the mailbox e changed and how can I
change the document life of an archived message? Is it necessary to do
this? I hope you can assist me as I do not know how to read these files.
My system is a Pentium 3 with 128 MB ram running on Windows 98.
Please, if some-one can help - be clear - I am not technologically
advanced and do not always understand all the techno-jargon.
Elize louw
Cape Town - RSA