okay okay,

i know this has been asked 50+ times before....but... = ]

I am trying to my NW65 GW Server with the instantMessaging client
GAIM(linux), and i get this message saying that SSL has to be configured on
the Server.

The only problem, i've never done anything close to this before. I have
surfed around. Basically i know that i need to create/export a key. Yep,
and do something from iManager/ConsoleOne?
I also found this one post from Jim Michael, which i will include below.

Can anyone pull this all together for a nwebie?
I'll be happy if anyone can tell me just where to start. = []

As Always, Thanx

Sure. You actually need to export the certificate from eDirectory, and
then point the messenger client at those files.

1) browse to your Groupwise software directory and run

2) Fill in Key Filename with a path (creat a \cert directory off the
root of the sys volume on your messenger server first, and map a drive
to it). For example, if you mapped drive M: to the sys:cert directroy,
enter m:\cert\messgr.key

3) enter a Key password (doesn't matter what it is), but DON'T forget it!

4) Enter a CSR Filename of m:\cert\messgr.csr (again assuming m: is mapped)

5) Enter the country (US or whatever), your state, organization etc and
the server hostname (dns name)

6) Choose Create. You should now have a messcf.csr and messgr.key file
in the sys:cert directory (or wherever you pointed the files)

7) Load ConsoleOne and choose Tools | Issue Certificate. Browse to
m:\cert\messgr.csr in the Filename box. You should see the CSR loaded
into the large text box. Choose Next. Next.

8) Choose Custom, check ALL three Key Usage boxes. Also check the "Set
key usage extension to critical" box. Choose Next.

9) Change the validity period to > 1 year if you want. Choose next.

10) choose Finish. Select base64 format, and point it at
m:\cert\messgr.b64. Choose Save. You should now have a messgr.b64 file
is sys:cert

11) In C1, open the GrMessengerService |