Hi all out there!

We've been playing with NM for months now and it seems to us a valuable piece of software in our collaborative strategy.

The point is that we need to keep the contact with people behind firewalls where only (or almost only) port 80 is opened. I've browse through the forum and the TIDs posted here, but I'm not able to find a solution. For instance, Making GroupWise Messenger Available Inside and Outside by Sindre Westre deals with the set up of a Firewall to allow access to a NM server within the managed net. Our problem is that we have can't modify the security policy of the networks where these people is working.

The only solution we've found is to start NM listening in port 80. NM runs in a server where other services listening at this port, so we have added a secondary IP and tried to set up the Messenger Agent listening at port 80 of this added IP.

We've be successful by linking the Agent to the IP (no other IP answer at 8300) , but we can't use port 80 even though the port is free. The error message when the agent starts says Client/Server initialization failure [0x6014] Cause: TCP/IP port already in use. Port specified: 80.

Please, have anybody tried something similar? Any idea or workaround?

Thanks indeed for your help,