I have a Mac PowerBook G4 that I have recently installed the Groupwise
Messenger 1.0 SP3 on. Our GW Messenger Server is at version 1.0 SP2 with
SSL turned on. I am experiencing a problem when trying to connect to the
server with most of my attempts failing with the following message: "The
client is unable to establish a secure connection with the specified
server; a secure connection is required." When our Admin monitors the MA
Console, he sees no attempts from me to connect at all, so I have ruled
the Server out as the problem. I can ping the server by name and by IP
address from my Mac, so it's visible to me.

Since I am able to occasionally make a connection, I think all of my local
settings are correct. It appears to work for about two days, then fail
for 3 or 4, and every time it fails I can still ping the server. Any
thoughts as to what I need to check on the Mac?

Thanx - Gerry