I'm attaching screenshots showing how messed up things are (sometimes).
The reason why I'm saying "sometimes" is this:

- I launched GW Messenger 1.0.4, selected several contact's properties -
seeing the results you can see in the screenshots. Some 'Display names'
are correct, most point to a different contact.

- I closed GWIM 1.0.4 on my PC and do the same as above on my MacOS X
computer (using AdiumX) and there are no inconsistencies when selecting
the properties of any contacts

- I close close AdiumX on my Mac and launch Trillian Pro with the GW
plugin on my PC. No inconsistencies.

- I close Trillian and relaunch GWIM 1.0.4 on my PC - suddenly there are
no more inconsistencies.

Any comments?